Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'll be on vacation from October 20th to November 3rd.  I'll catch up when I return all rested and happy ... and fat.

Someone recently asked me an interesting question.  She noted that since I started this blog I have not sold a single story, after selling two rather close together.  It's been almost a year.  I was asked if I thought I might be being black-balled by WW because of this blog.

  My answer is no.  And here's why.

1)  I'm not important enough that my opinions on the writing aspect of  these stories would matter to WW.

2) My beef is with the stories themselves, not the magazine.

3)  I have often said on-line, in Twitter and FB, how great a mag I think WW is.  I post nice things on their FB page.

4)  I don't think Johnene is that petty.  I don't think Johnene knows I exist.

5)  I believe Johnene is good at what she does and picks the best stories that she feels will appeal to the widest range of readers, and since she's been there so long, she knows what she's doing. 
Same with Pat.  She's front line.  She has certain elements she is searching for.  If you don't have them, you don't get by her.   These ladies read thousands of stories...thousands.  They  doesn't have time to research who might have made a snarky comment . They also realize a story cannot please everyone which is why, I believe, they choose stories from all over the writing style spectrum. 

6)  I also make good comments when the story merits it.   I don't expect that will work IN my favor

7)  IF I were on some kind of 'no-no' list, my stories would never make it to Seattle...and they mostly do.  

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Mary Jo said...

I am sure you are right, Jody. Or at least, I hope so. I have made some cutting remarks on your blog and on Kate's, and I would not want them held against me by the WW editors. For one thing, I have spoken with Patricia on the phone, when she called me, and I think she is a lovely woman. I do not know Johnene at all, personally. Well, I had two WW "romances" published back to back a year and a half ago, and since then--nada. I am not discouraged, but I will say I do not try as hard or as often now. If, among over thirty rejections, there is nothing that Johnene can use, then maybe I am just not the WW cup of tea.

joyce said...

I, too, have gotten rejections with a Seattle postmark, and several notes from Johnene herself. These were for romance stories, and I have all but given up. I may try again. I think all of us feel the same way. We are disappointed and puzzled. If we can think of the rejections as a learning experience, that may be helpful. I know it's hard.

As far as this little story. It is well-written, but there were a couple of things that seemed a bit off to me. In my opinion, the victim overacted a little just because her sister suggested she pick up the gardening bills for both cottages. (Darn! I can't remember names! I just read the story!) If the man's cottage had peeling paint and was in a state of disrepair, a neat yard with flowers may not have helped all that much.

I noticed the use of the word "carer" when the argument was described. I think "care giver" would have been a better choice. (And is caregiver one word or two?)

I don't think there were enough suspects - just the sister Amy and the man - or a strong enough motive for the murder. An unhappy neighbor because of an unkempt yard doesn't seem enough of a reason to kill her. After all, she'd just moved in the cottage and there had been no on-going battle about the gardening issue.

There were several clues that it was the neighbor - the fact that he worked at a pharmacy, he'd kept the candy for her, etc.

Most boxes of candy have a cellophane or foil over wrap or some kind of packaging that would prevent one from just removing the lid. If I had received a box of candy like that - unopened - with no name, I would have been suspicious. I don't think I would have eaten it. (But then, gourmet chocolate? Hmmmm. I might have caved.)

I feel I have been very nit-picky, but that's the way I edit. I think about details. I'm always afraid I will offend someone, and I don't mean to. In trying to reason, I pick, pick, pick.