Sunday, January 18, 2015

A little contest to start the new year....

65 Little Words Writing Competition – February 2015

Writing Competition

1st Prize: £260.00

2nd Prize: £195.00

Closing date: February 10th 2015

Entry fee: £2.00 or FREE to Premier1 Write, Learn and Publish Members

You have just 65 words or less including the title to write a complete story. It’s a tough one but you can do it and we look forward to receiving your submissions.

Of course it doesn’t have to be exactly 65 words but if you win the top prize, it’s equivalent to £4.00 per word.

Your submission must be inspired by the photo.

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished.

Submissions must be written in English.

Multiple submissions are welcome provided the correct fees are paid.

Submissions must be received on or before the closing date and pasted into the body of the email.

Submissions must be sent via email to:


Mary Jo said...

Can I send the fee from US to UK by PayPal?

Chris said...

Jody has provided the link for us to check out those details, Mary Jo. All additional info is available on the Creative Competitor website. It's a new comp that they will be running monthly and the deadline for the current one is April 19th (it says 2014, but I'm sure that's a slip of the pen and they mean 15). Your story must be based on a picture that they provide - this time it's a moody photo of someone silhouetted against a cloudy blue sky on a wooded hillside. And yes, when you click on the link to 'add the comp to your cart', PayPal is the method of payment that comes up. Good luck if you enter.

Jody E. Lebel said...

@ Mary Jo. Like Chris said you click on the 65 word contest tab for February and at the bottom is an 'add to cart' button that lets you use PayPal. It was $3.11 US yesterday when I submitted. An idea came to me right away with the bulls eye. It was quick and sort of fun and the prize is I hope you both enter.

Mary Jo said...

Chris, that may be a typo, but the heading on the website says it is CLOSED. Where did Jody get the dart board photo? I am at a loss. I really like to write that fast fiction, though. I know I can do a whole story in 55 words, and 65 words is a romp.

Jody E. Lebel said...

@ Mary Jo.

Go here:

From the top menu (in black) click on 65 word competition, and from that pull down menu click on February. You should get the bullseye etc.

Mary Jo said...

Gotcha. I see there is also a 500 word short story competition with a January 28 deadline, and nice prizes there, too. Any genre, they say.I am not sure what that photo (for inspiration) denotes...someone walking on a beach and littering, or throwing torn paper out on the water? The photo of the person (???) looks kinda like a Big Foot.

And, Chris, the April 2014 closed competition appears to be correct.

Chris said...

Seems I was looking at the wrong section - duh. Good luck with your entries, I wish you both success.

Jody E. Lebel said...

@ Mary Jo. re: the picture. I see a woman walking away, leaving footprints, and perhaps pages of a letter? There's so many ways that story could go. If I wasn't leaving for vacation on Friday, I'd be tempted to sit down and mull that over. But, sadly, too many other things to clear up before I pack up. But I'll be checking that site again for another photo prompt contest.

M D'Angona said...

Also...can anyone give me the "fast fiction" info or website so I can check it out?

Jody E. Lebel said...

@ M D'A

Magazine name: Fast Fiction/That’s Life!
Country: Australia
Types of stories wanted: Humorous, positive, contemporary stories with strong plot. Avoid boy meets girl and HEA. No stories narrated by animals or babies. This is a family magazine, no graphic crimes, sex or domestic violence. For Themes (submit timelines and type) see:
Page length and payment (if known):
1 page = 600-900 words
2 pages = 1200-1500 words
3 pages = 1600-2000 words
4 pages = 2200-2600 words

These are approximate and the final word count printed will depend on the design of the page/s. You don't need to overly cut or edit your story to fit the word counts.
There are two ways we publish fiction:
- A one-page story in the weekly edition of that's life! magazine
- A range of one, two, three and four page stories in our quarterly Fast Fiction magazine, released seasonally (Summer/Spring/Autumn/Winter)
The payment rates are as follows: (in Australian dollars)
that's life! weekly magazine (one-page story) = $300
Fast Fiction quarterly
1 page = $200/ 2 pages = $300/ 3 pages = $400/ 4 pages = $500