Sunday, December 30, 2012

White as snow

By Marianna Heusler
Appearing in December 31, 2012 issue.

Tag Line:  The detectives took statements from the victim and the suspect.  Now they had to decide whose story had the ring of truth!
Overview:  Ms. Stanton’s diamond ring had been stolen from her home while she was at a Weights for Women class. 

Crime Scene:  Ms. Stanton’s home.  They observed the inside of the home with a broken window and shards of glass on the rug, as well as the area outside beneath the window.

Clues:  Overlapping footprints outside the window.  Shards of glass on a pristine white carpet.  The ring was insured for $20K.  It was muddy outside as it had just stopped raining.  Nothing else was stolen.  The neighbor claims Ms. Stanton hated her diamond ring. 

Red Herrings: Neighbor is also in the Weights for Women class and knew when Ms. Stanton would be away.  The neighbor’s husband is a convicted felon.   Neighbor’s house was messy and disorderly as a result of neglect indicating a need for money by them.
Solution:  Ms. Stanton staged the robbery for the insurance money.  Although it was muddy outside, there were no footprints on her white rug.

My two cents:   Easy to figure out.   Mud outside vs clean carpet inside.  This was a little too simple for my taste.

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